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We at teamindure are committed to help you focus on your training and keep you injury free.  Check out the topics below for more information.  All topics listed below are for you education.  They are not personal opinion and are based on the latest scientific research available.  They are not meant to take the place of consultation with a medical professional but should be used as a way to understand more about how to safely avoid injury and to perform at your best.

Why do I feel pain while running?

What can I do to have less pain?

What are the best running shoes?

Past events

How to Stay Competitive - April 26th @ The Bold PalateHow to Stay Competitive as Your Body Ages

Was presented on April 26th from 6:30 to 7:30 at The Bold Palate in Greensboro.

For those interested in more information or would like to register for a future seminar. Please email us at   We are always looking for new venues.


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