Who is teamindure

We are walkers, runners, cyclists, and triathletes with a common goal to honor those individuals that are running in their own health marathons or triathlons with long-term illness.

What is teamindure?

20170602_221222Teamindure can be summed up in 4 words. Perspective is what gets you to the starting line. Perseverance, Heart and Purpose keep you in the race until the last person crosses the finish line. What Drives You?

For those unable to make it to our teamindure “THE I IS SILENT” team intro event we have created 4 short videos from the event.

 team intro Event Playlist


 teamindure further defined?

Just as we have all learned over the years that there is “no I in team.” We move to start a trend that the only “e” in endure is at the end. To fully understand the meaning of teamindure, it is important to look at the definitions of each word… Check out Pete’s blog

Why Get involved?

Ragnar Team Photo
2017 “the i is silent” Ragnar Trail Relay – Carolinas
team the i is silent
Feb 2017 “the i is silent” Massacre Marathon Relay – Greensboro, NC
  • Are you an Individual looking for a way to honor more than one person or charity
  • Do you have a team that is comprised of individuals wanting to compete together but have different causes or charities.
  • teamindure has the ability to help you raise awareness for all the causes and individuals that need the true race support.
  • Can provide you  a great place to come together for the common good, customize any race gear, as well as provide you the option of a kick off event any fundraising efforts.  To check out a recent event we completed visit our facebook page.

Why teamindure?

  • Every race/event no matter what distance we enter is our choice, theirs is not
  • We know what training it will take to complete our event, they are forced to go without the training or experience and learn as they go
  • We know where the finish line is, they may never know
  • Those that are fortunate to feel like they have crossed the finish line to a remission or a cure, may never know when they will be forced to start all over again.
  • The only thing they count on is the support of their fans to get them through.

 #teamindure2017challenge which is to not make excuses, to push limits, and to dedicate each mile on foot and bike to those who struggle with long term illness. Please consider joining either our “teamindure” team for runners/cyclists or “teamindurerun”  for runners on www.charitymiles.org to help have your miles and voice heard as businesses make donations to some great charities.  We currently are 25 strong and have logged over 8500 miles over this past year. Congrats to all our team members. Be sure to tell your friends, lets grow our team and aim for 10,000 miles before the end of the year. 

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel

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